Dalton, Dr. Ernest C. and Lena

Columbia County History Volume VI, page 42


Outstanding citizens of St. Helens of the 1930s and 1940s were Dr. and Mrs. E. C. Dalton, who owned and developed their ninety acre estate into a beautiful home, with winding pathways, rare plants and every aid to gracious living as practiced by these lovers of nature and devotees of conservation of our wildlife. Their place was named "Grey Cliffs," and extended along the cliffs lining the Columbia.  We still have the name, Grey Cliffs, as applied to a more modern home, and a street, Grey Cliffs Drive, which occupy a part of the original Dalton estate, and preserve some of the beauty of the Dalton home.  When our Oregon State Capitol burned in 1935, Dr. Dalton was one of the men who were appointed to serve on the planning commission to build the new capitol building, which was completed in 1938. He also was sent to Washington, D. C., in an effort to locate a Veterans' Hospital in the area.

At the same time, Mrs. Dalton was most active in the St. Helens Garden Club, when this club entertained the State Federation of Garden Clubs in 1936. The Dalton home, with its beautiful grounds, was a fitting setting for this event, and Mrs. Dalton was elected State President of the Federation, serving two years.  During her term of office, the number of Garden Clubs in Oregon grew from 14 to 45, and much interest was developed in working for civic beautification throughout the state. Mrs. Dalton had copies of the Oregon Wildflower Act printed and distributed to each school, garden club and civic organization within the state to aid in conservation of wild life.  She was appointed Regional Historian in 1938, served as Regional Director from 1941-43, and was on the National Executive Council Executive Committee from 1943- 45.  She also served for a time on the Board of Directors of the Oregon Roadside Council. She held a Life Membership in the National Council.

To her energy and example, much credit is due for the growth of civic improvement and beautification, both at home and throughout the state.


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State Garden Club Meeting in St. Helens

Mrs Dalton Elected

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Dr. Dalton Swimming and Tennis advocate

Dr. Dalton visits Washington for State capitol building

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