First National Bank of St. Helens

Edited Source: St. Helens, Oregon Historic Inventory 1984

The former First National Bank is a two story rectangular building with a symmetrical one bay-Trent. The front facade of the building is detailed as a classical temple 
with simplified fluted Corinthian columns on either side of the entrance supporting a classical entablature. The entablature is traditionally detailed, with architrave, 
a smooth frieze engraved with the name ot the bank and a cornice detailed with dentiles and pineapple drops at the corners. The entrance is detailed with a classical 
cornice supported by consoles and double doors constructed of an oak veneer with a central glass panel. The entrance is set in a wall of obscure glass panes 
approximately 18 by 36 inches.

The classical ornaments are constructed in a cream colored terra cotta with a chocolate fleck and the body of the building is constructed o.f honey colored brick in a 
common bond. The foundation ol the building is constructed of grayish-white terra cotta blocks approximated 11 x: 19 inches in size with a ribbed texture. The front 
facade ot the building has been minimally altered. The windows adjacent to the entrance and two niches at either side of the building at the first story have been covered
with cedar siding. It appears that the windows are intact beneath, and restoration could easily be accomplished. The building faces west on 1st street.

The First National Bank first opened for business in 1918 in a building owned by Thomas Dillard. "The first step of progress in building was taken in February 1926,
when the bank was moved to a newly built brick building on 1st Street .....It was in this building that banking was carried on for 26 years (1926-1948). 
Ownership and management of the First National Bank was shifted in 1930 when the expanding United States National Bank of Portland purchased the organization
and its affiliated unit. The St Helens bank was an affiliate with the Portland bank for three years and in 1933 became a direct branch of United States National Bank. 
Through the years that followed, the St Helens bank grew along with the city until there arose a need for a newer and larger bank building." (St Helens Sentinel-Mist,
 A Progress Report 1919-1349) The existing U.S. National Bank building was opened May 10, 1948 at the corner of 1st and St Helens.

2016 update:  US Bank is now located on Highway 30 and Gable Road.  
The First National Bank of St. Helens building has seen a number of tenants including the BPOE lodge 1999 and currently the AWPPW Local 1.

2016 Google Street view
Stationery Logo c. 1929