John Gumm

The pictures and links on this page cover many years of school activities in two or three (depending on how you count a remodel) different buildings, all at the same location.  Poke around and you will find faces and names that appear prominently in the history of St. Helens.  Follow the links to learn about the history of the current building.

Many of the images and yearbooks have been collected over the years from a variety of sources including, Nancy Hart, Ken Beeler, Sharon Cody Marsh, Valerie Barbeau Eberly, Jack McCann, and many more.

Cecil Ross inside John Gumm c. 1915


1998 John Gumm Eagle001.pdf
Copy of John Gumm School Last Year.pdf


Click here for more information about the John Gumm School building.

Click here to see pictures of the inside and outside of the John Gumm School building over the years, and hundreds of pictures of the students and faculty beginning in the 1940s and ending in the 1970s.

x1958 John Gumm Graduation.pdf
Story Book Dream Felton Nov 56.pdf